Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good Grades Pay Off

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Is this young man happy, or what ?
 Dear Mr. Rothberg:

Good evening.  Here is a picture of my son Jared with his new iPad which he purchased by saving all of his Congratulatory gift cards sent to him by Laticrete for his straight A report cards.  He was quite proud of his purchase and how he earned the award.
This program is a wonderful way for a company to support our children and encourage them to perform.  As an HR professional who has worked with several company programs, I am very pleased to see this type of family support from Laticrete. Your personal notes from the CEO are a wonderful touch as well.
Our daughter, Savannah, has been looking forward to her fourth grade year so she can participate in the program as well.  Many of their friends have told them they wish their dad worked for Mr. Joe's company!  Great.

From a proud and thankful mother,
Thank you,
Tammy Raybuck Still

A note from Jared:
Dear Mr Rothberg, thank you so much for the Amazon gift cards. It was a great incentive for me to get straight A's. I have enjoyed playing with my brand new iPad and using it for school-work. This is now a Great incentive for me to get straight A's again.

Jared Still

Note of explanation:
Laticrete sends Amazon gift card awards to children of company employees who receive straight A's on their school report cards. Each report card with straight A's receives an Amazon gift card!

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