Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swimming Pool Project in Sweden

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Kumla Swimming Pool - Sweden

This is the new Community In-door Pool in Kumla which is scheduled to be opened in December.

This contractor does 75% of all the new and re-modelling large commercial pool projects in Sweden and LATICRETE is their preferred choice.

For them, the in-depth LATICRETE technical support they receive as well as the quality, proven experience and history of the LATICRETE products gives them 100% confidence to deliver the pool to the client right the first time.

Sweden is currently having a big push on building new community center swimming pools which are Swedish government and local government funded projects - the idea being that every child in Sweden will be able to swim by the age of 8.

Products used on the project: HYDRO BAN Waterproof Membrane, 254 Platinum Thinset, PERMACOLOR Grout, SPECTRALOCK epoxy grout, LATASIL Silcone Sealant.

In the "action picture" the tile installer is using 254 Platinum thinset to install the Agrob Buchtel German tiles to the HYDRO BAN tile waterproofing.

Due to the size of the area to be waterproofed the HYDRO BAN  was spray applied. This is fast and productive.  HYDRO BAN is ideal for spray application in large areas and it is thinner than competitive waterproofing membranes but is stronger. 
PERMACOLOR grout will be used in the body of the pool with SPECTRALOCK epoxy grout used at pool water level. This is a 50m / 150' pool.


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