Sunday, December 26, 2010

FloorHEAT Installation

"I finally had the chance to use the heat mat and grout ……   The heat mat is great and I was impressed at how heavy duty it was and how flexible it was to be able to adapt to its environment.  It is all hooked up and works great!!  The PermaColor grout was good as well  …….. and if I had to choose between ….. it will be Laticrete's PermaColor …..  because of your commitment to customer care.  I believe that is what sets you apart from other companies. 

I used 8x16 chiseled edge travertine set with a 1/16 grout joint, I set the heat mat over Fiberrock board and skim coated the heat mat with Laticrete 254.  I then set my tile with Laticrete 220 and grouted with PermaColor antique white."

Chad Bowman
Colbert, WA

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