Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Our Technical Support Team

Our Technical Support Team is here to answer your questions. We get some interesting ones:

Hello, I've seen your posts many times on John Bridge. I am doing a shower and was reading posts on the benefits of SpectraLock and am also trying to decide on other aspects. This shower will be Island Stone Pebbles on the floor and a 4x8 glass subway shaped tile on the walls with a mosaic band. I am doing my research on various products and while I like and have use Schluter products there is always that issue about modifieds so I'm looking at alternatives.
So I think I might go with a mud deck, use the Schluter drain and Kerdi the floor but was thinking about HydoBan for the walls, for the waterproofing and crack isolation.

Tile manufactures just "recommends the use"... but no specific requirements.

They do specify as an option your 254 Platinum for thinset

Grout, they have no specifications.

So .... Would SpectraLock be suitable for a 4x8 glass tile installation where no other specs are specified. (no issue with sanded as it won't scratch) I'm assuming it will be great on the floor with the pebbles.

Thoughts on the HydoBan used in this situation (Kerdi base material bonded 4 inches up wall or so and then hydro ban tied over and above that.

or might Hydoban be used on the deck also and just run up to and couple with the kerdi drain? (in essence substitute for the kerdi base sheet so only the drain is being used.)

Thanks and please feel free to forward this to anyone in your company that can answer this.

These are types of installation questions & situations that we're presented with and these of the type of projects that we LIKE to work on. We're here to answer your questions.

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