Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life At Laticrete

I asked a new Laticrete Field Rep how he was doing and what he thought about his position at Laticrete.

Here is his reply:

"Great Henry,

You know what ? The last 2 1/2 to 3 months have been great. Got my schedule figured out, which helped balance life. Talking to people has always been easy for me, but talking to people productively by listening and asking questions has been something that took time. I actually really like doing cold calls now and have no fear in setting up appointments now. Demo's are definitely the part of this job that is by far the easiest and most fun for me, I love it and can't get enough of showing, teaching and helping people see the great products that Laticrete has and how easy they are to use. You wouldn't believe how jacked I get when someone is struggling with SpectraLock or 3701 thickbed on walls or our new 4XLT, its like yeah ! Jeff to the Rescue ! Lol.

I have a great job for a great company that has great employees that just so happen to have a great product that's easy to be proud of.

Henry, I've always been passionate, creative and emotional about my work in the tile industry, I was good at setting tile, being a boss, supervisor, co-worker and I believe that I was a good representative of any company that I worked for.

Now I have found a place that I can feel the same way about, along with being in a industry that I love.

This has not been an easy transition for me, those first 6-7 months I questioned if this was right for me ( I think most of it was the part that in sales Instant gratification and results are few, Walt always said that its a marathon not a sprint ). Even home life was different and needed adjustment. but you know what ? I'm getting it. By all means, I don't have it ( I hope I never think I do ) but I'm getting it. Lol

Thanks to people like you, Ed, Ron, Walt, Eric and especially Todd.

Sorry about the long letter Henry. I guess I was just feeling it tonight. Don't know what it was but something in your last email struck a cord.

And thank you for that,

Jeffrey Kimmerling
Contractor Sales Representative
(203) 314-4240

Some background about Jeff:

Jeff joined our Laticrete team as a CSR for Territory 270 bringing more than 20 years of experience as a master tile setter. His familiarity with LATICRETE products and comprehensive installation experience make him ideally suited to take on the challenges as a CSR and cultivate relationships with contractors. Most recently Jeff was a project manager with Lakeside Stoneworks.

This Milwaukee native and his wife, Julie enjoy world traveling when not cheering for their hometown Brewers. Jeff is an avid golfer and competitive Foosball player. He has won more than 15 Foosball titles including the 2005 World Championship!



Anonymous Phil Green said...

Jeff is MY sales rep. I have been working with him for the past few months on a product/method development line and he has been there for me. He has made effotrs to meet with me WHERE EVER I AM and many times ,out of HIS way. Thank-you
Jeff and LATICRETE for you continual support of contractors like me and the products you bring to our industry!!

Phil Green,
Chicago NW BURBS

June 29, 2010 at 10:44 AM  

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