Friday, April 23, 2010

MVIS Pointing

Fast MVIS pointing with a Quikpoint Mortar Gun

Pointing Tool at work = Productivity

Top & right are pointed, tooled & brushed. Bottom & left are just pointed

I visited an MVIS jobsite this afternoon.

I watched a tile guy - Michael Millard - use the Quikpoint Mortar Gun pointing tool.

The pointing work went fast !

Using the Quikpoint supplied plasticizer / pumping additive was required to get a good, smooth flow of the Laticrete MVIS pointing mortar with the Quikpoint Mortar Gun. Without the plasticizer the pointing mortar pumped smoothly at first but then “clumped up” and jammed the unit.

Want more info ...? Call Michael or myself ...!

More Laticrete MVIS info & video here.

MVIS info on the website of a smart tile contractor in Florida here

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