Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Systems Approach

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Proven Installation Systems for Tile and Stone Applications

With over 50 years of worldwide experience Laticrete is the recognised leader in product quality and installation expertise. Our highly trained and experienced technical support team are ready to assist you with project specifications, details, BIM, LEED compliance information or to address your installation questions for your specific projects. Laticrete materials and services are available Globally.

Our newly released technical brochure - Proven Installation Systems for Tile and Stone Applications - highlights a range of Laticrete Installation Systems and Warranties.  These various application area systems include:
 - Wet Area and Continuous Submersion System
 - Vapour Reduction System
 - Self Levelling / Underlayment System
 - HYDRO BAN® Shower Installation System
 - Commercial and Industrial Flooring System
 - Sound Control System
 - Uncoupling
 - Vertical Installation System
 - Plaza and Deck System
 - Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS™)
 - Grout Solutions

Click here to view/download this must have brochure.
Click here to view / download our comprehensive Warranties Information.

Contact your local Laticrete Technical Rep at +1 (203) 393-0015 ext 235 or email us here to discuss your next project. Let Laticrete work with you to turn your project into the next Globally Proven Installation!

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