Friday, May 11, 2012

CTEF Certification Program - Follow Up

Message received:
"Renee from Tile America has additional people interested in the CTEF program and we have scheduled another event for November 8th in Bethany."

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Another email received:

It was good to be back in Bethany this week to conduct the CTI test.  Thank you for your ongoing support of the CTI program as you and Laticrete generously continue to support these tests.  The combined efforts of Laticrete and Tile America has structured a strong system which provides a good number of installers who exhibit better quality installation skills.

Thanks for taking time to speak with me yesterday, providing the photos and posting the event on your blog.  Please let me know if there is anything that I may do for you and Laticrete in the future.  Scott

Best Regards,

Scott M. Carothers
Executive Director
Ceramic Tile Education Foundation
Phone: 864-222-2131
Fax: 864-222-1299
Cell: 814-931-8453"

Steve Rampino - Laticrete Technical Service Training Supervisor - with Tile America friends
He makes things happen regarding Training !


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