Friday, February 17, 2012

Tile Facade in the 1970s

Architect Christopher Brookes
Sydney, Australia
Close up view - Esso Building
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In the late 1970s 5 of the 7 tallest buildings in Sydney Australia were clad with tile.  All 5 were installed with Laticrete materials.
This week I was making "cold calls" on architects to update their color selection library info with one of our Laticrete Australia reps in Sydney.
During one of these calls we met an architect who was the project architect for the Esso building in Sydney in the 1970s!
He showed us a range of project photos !  A beautiful tile facade. I had the pleasure of visiting and spending time with Christopher Brookes of Brookes Associates Architects.  Chris was the Project Architect for the Architectural firm that designed this building.
For over 50 years, from the Arctic to the Tropics, from San Francisco to Sydney, Architects have depended on The Laticrete System for permanent, problem-free long term installations of tile and stone.  Facades, Veneers, Cladding, Swimming Pools, Commercial & Industrial Floors.


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