Sunday, February 13, 2011

A second generation tile and stone professional

I received an email a few days ago:
Please say hello to your dad for me. He was actually very helpful to me when I was a young man and starting projects like the one you saw in the email. He will remember me as the guy in Las Vegas back in the early eighties who would call him and take up a lot of his time formulating setting systems for glass and also using 9235 waterproof membranes over concrete grout water features that were breaking up and leaking. 
He taught me how to mix 3701 with non sanded grouts and roll them out as a paint like finish over the membrane as a colored protective coating that would hold up under water. Please tell him I have been using that system for over 25 years now. It still works as a inexpensive repair system when the customers cant afford a tile finish. He holds a special place in my memory as a kind and patient mentor who always took the time to help me out when i was stuck in a project or formulating a difficult installation procedure.

Like you I am a second generation tile and stone professional. There are pictures of me and my brother in similar pictures as the one of you and your brother mixing the Laticrete bucket I understand what an honor it is for you to take the time to notice the craftsmanship involved in the project you saw, and thank you for taking the time to email me.

I have enclosed photos of 2 other projects that Laticrete was used on. In all these projects my crews install the tile and stone as well as the structural masonry and concrete substrates. The one with the blue spa is Riata Bisazza paper mount glass with custom travertine mosaic veneers on the raised area and the other is Sicis paper mount glass with an interesting raised travertine wall with a custom split face travertine mosaic wave inlay.

Let me know what you think. I would love to endorse Laticrete as the best setting system as well as the best technical support I have used in my 35 years of industry experience.

Daniel M Henderson

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