Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Guy Likes SpectraLOCK .... And Thinks 254 is a "Super Mortar"

"I just finished grouting the bathroom. 1"x2" subway tiles in the shower wall (all the way to the ceiling) and 13x13 (actually 12 3/4" by 12 3/4") porcelein tile on the floor. Spectralock is easier than normal grout. Smoosh it in, wait 15 minutes (clean grout bucket while waiting) and use bucket that comes with kit (2 gallon) to fill with clean water and mix in first little packet of cleaning solution. Clean grout with circular motions (think karate kid wax on, wax off). Wait 90 minutes (clean bucket again in 90 minutes) 2 gallons of water and mix in packet of final rinse solution. Wash haze off tile. Go away for 24 hours.

My friend that used to tile for a living did not like the Laticrete Platinum 254 (he did not clean out the grout lines right away and discovered that 254 is not like normal mortar...it turns into Super Mortar). We went through an entire pack of Irwin blades cleaning out the grout lines...but I have the peace of mind knowing my glass tiles are never coming off that wall. However he swears he will never recommend anything but the Spectralock to people now...especially if he's going to be helping with the install. He said it was the easiest grout he's ever used.

Spectralock hardens into...well...glass. There's no grit that I can feel like with normal grout. It has kind of a sandy feel...but you can't pick off little pieces. I can't really describe the texture. I can't see this stuff going ANYWHERE for a LONG time and I am so thrilled with the prospect of grout I don't have to seal or mess around with ever again. Fantastic."

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