Friday, July 30, 2010

Vietnam Last Week - New Laticrete Office

Catching up on reviewing photos from my last few weeks of travels .... OK, so this one is over a week old ...

Vietnam is a fascinating county. The people are incredibly friendly towards Americans.

While Vietnam is a "Developing County" and the population is about 87,375,000 people they consume about the same amount, the square footage of ceramic tile as the USA does ...!

Most tile is installed in a "full mortar bed" - At this time, thinset is a new & rarely used technique in Vietnam

They seem to tile just about all floors...! And many walls.

They like tile ... they like the durability of tile.

Some Online News with articles about Laticrete’s opening ceremony in Viet Nam: From: From From (Real estate online magazine) From From (The news of Viet Nam Ministry of Industry & Commercial) from (The information portal of Enterprises in Viet Nam – English name: Enterprise’s forum ) From (The official online news of Viet Nam Construction Ministry )



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