Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mercer Artwork Tiles

"Back a few years ago, I did a job for a guy named Alan Lapidus. Before he retired, he was a big name architect in resorts and office buildings-- was even on Trump's staff at one point (His father was legendary in the architectural world-- designed Grand Central Station, The Fontenbleau Hotel, among others).

Anyway, I did his master bath, and at that time, he had several pieces made by Mercer himself,given to him by Mercer's daughter, that he wanted mounted in his bathrooms walls, which were all white hex tile. I talked him out of it, into making a hanging piece, which he ultimately decided to use as a table top for his dock, and then mounted some of the pieces in a bench seat in his bedroom."


Note: Bill is a 3rd generation Laticrete user

Bill Vincent
Creative Ceramic & Marble
Bridgton, ME
(207) 939-7245

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