Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Gotta Bit Banged Up

" .... a driver tried to make a pass on car #22 in probably not so good of a spot, and caught the #22 car on the back bumper. This caused car # 22 to go sideways and then into the grass. Car #22 did not let up on the throttle (as he should have) as he danced around a bit and was trying to get back on track. A few cars got by as he came back on track, and unfortunately, once his car hit pavement shot into traffic. T had almost squeaked by, but luck was not with him at that moment in time. T was going approximately 102 mph, and the other car "T-Boned" him in his passenger side - also going very fast. T's car started sliding and went up 3/4 way on the left side tires, almost flipping over. Fortunately, when the car hit the wet grass it came back down and slid for about 400 feet until it stopped before the guard rail. # 22 car, again caused a mishap that should not have occurred, but this time it was our driver T that lost position and was forced off track, ending T's race for the day and putting his points for the year too far down to even have a shot at the series win, the #22 driver was not in any kind of points challenge.
It was a spectacular crash, and when T's car stopped sliding we waited for the all okay sign from him, we could see him get out of the car and give the corner workers the "ok" sign. Course went to full course caution (yellow) for about 4 laps. As the other drivers came by, it was one of the saddest feelings to know, that T would have a DNF (Did not finish) designation and would not be racing the rest of this race. This was T’s first major incident in 17 consecutive TDI Cup races. T and the other driver were transported to the medical building to be checked out. Although it wasn't needed, there was a police officer standing between the two drivers to keep the peace. We were very proud of T and the way he handled himself.

T is fine and he is ready to race again on Sept. 26th in Atlanta. He said every time he gets to race is like Christmas! "

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