Thursday, June 04, 2009

A submitted Project

Here is one of the floor we finished recently. The toe kick and the quarter round are not installed yet ........
Anyway, we used some of the 125 to set the deco diamonds.

This floor is a full Laticrete installation:
We used 272 to bed the 1/4" cbu over two layers of plywood. We then skim coated the cbu with 254, then primed, then installed Laticrete heat mats with sill seal foam around the perimeter
Then, we primed again and poured #86 SLC.
Then a skim of 254, then HydroBan and fabric, then set all the tile with 220, using a skim coat of 254 on the substrate and the back of each tile to really adhere the 220.
Then grouted with SpectraLOCK and used the Latisil on the perimeter for expansion.



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