Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Some emails really put a smile on my face

And here is one:

"Thanks very much for the newsletter, i found it very informative and a little funny as i've recently tried alot of the products mentioned in the letter.

As i said before we started using permacolour grout a while ago and love it, (only my supplier stocks 10 colours, so this job we are on gets 1776 admix with its grout).

Today we tried the hydroban and again no problems, went on beautiful and the first coat dried in about 30 - 40 minutes, which was no problem as we had a small bit of drywall work to do on the outside of the shower, then back in with the second coat and then it was time to pack up, ready for tile tomorrow (which we'll be using 255), love the hydroban to and very easy to apply. My helper said we are now officially "hydroed".

I also picked up the small containers of your 310 rapid epoxy from my supplier during the week to keep in my truck for certain small projects like setting fixtures, ect.

I didn't know the 125 sound and crack adhesive was a new product but i know my local supplier has little samples of it in the showroom and is advertising it.

When we finish up this job i'll send you some photos of our progess using hydroban."



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