Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why Tile Factories Cooperate With Laticrete

1. We will help you sell more of your tile;

2. Your tile will stay permanently installed - proper installation recommendations are our responsibility, not yours;

3. We have technical support all over the world and can provide prompt local answers wherever your agents have installation questions;

4. We are a global brand, so when you specify or recommend our products, the materials will be readily available wherever the tile is sold;

5. We are a 50+ year old multinational firm with successful installations around the globe;

6. Our marketing activities increase the consumption of your tile - not just our adhesives;

7. We have a worldwide network of agents, distributors and offices that bring project and distributor leads to you if you collaborate with us;

8. We have products tailored to specific tile types, climates and application conditions, such as facades and swimming pools;

9. We issue a written labor and material warranty on the whole installation that encourages owners and architects to use your tile.

10. For technical and government jobs, we can certify your tile for installations that meet or exceed international standards (ANSI, DIN, BS, AS, JIS);

11. We have a complete color line of grout and can produce custom colors to compliment your tiles;

12. We have the highest performance chemical resistant grouts for corrosive environments that allow you to sell more tile for industrial applications;

13. Our fully accredited training programs for installers, architects and distributors improve installation quality and generate satisfied customers for you;

14. We are ISO 9001 certified which confirms our unequaled commitment to quality;

15. Your tile is fully integrated into LATICRETE Installation Systems that offer Consultants/Architects/Owners ‘single source responsibility’;

16. With Offices and representatives around the world, we are able to communicate in your customers’ language;

17. We can provide introductions to agents, distributors, contractors and architects in all the major cities around the globe;

18. We prepare custom specifications for proper installation of tiles.

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