Thursday, June 21, 2018


A beautiful location, inspiring messages and team building activities made for a fun day during our ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY event in Mexico. 

June 18, 2018

We brought together over 50 members of LATICRETE Mexico, international team members and Henry Rothberg, Sr. Vice President of Training (2nd generation LATICRETE) and his wife Shelia for the 1-day event at La Warika, Huasteca Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


Henry Rothberg kicked off the day with a presentation discussing the value of belonging to a family owned company who believes their employees are part of the family. 
“Over the years LATICRETE has grown worldwide in an incredible way. We believe that this has been possible thanks to each of the people who work with us always in an ethical and responsible way. You are part of this success!" - Henry Rothberg, Sr. Vice President of Training

Henry B. Rothberg, Sr. Vice President of LATICRETE International

Henry’s sentiments were reinforced when both Ricardo Franco, Director General, LATICRETE Mexicana and Rivaldo Tiscoski, Regional Director, Latin America & Caribbean spoke. 
“In Mexico the concept of family is very powerful and extensive, and in our society, family in Mexico means, support. We do not see ourselves growing alone without ours. With the experience today, we understand much more what it means to be a LATICRETE family, where we support, care for and grow together.”- Ricardo Franco, Director General, LATICRETE Mexicana

Ricardo Franco, Director General LATICRETE Mexico

“We had a father and a mother who taught us to walk, talk, give us values and do things with a lot of ethics, now the LATICRETE family gives us the great opportunity to put into practice everything our parents taught us, follow our steps with A lot of honesty in line with the values of the company.” - Rivaldo Tiscoski, Regional Director, Latin America & Caribbean 

Rivald Tiscoski, LATICRETE Regional Director Latin America and Caribbean

During the day, the team got to participate in a series of team building activities. 
LATICRETE Mexico team building activities
  • Spot It – Each team member took a card with a different image on it and spoke to a colleague about what the image meant to each person. 
  • Paracaídas (Parachute) – the team worked together on raising and lowering the parachute to move a ball between the two parachutes. The exercise taught the importance of team communication and dynamics. 
  • Rally – this included several different activities such as: 
    • Find the LATICRETE company values in a word puzzle
    • One member of the team jumped 15 meters high
    • Filled in the missing words to complete the LATICRETET mission statement
    • Fill a container (with holes in it) with water and figure out how to stop the water from pouring out 
Fill a container rally team building activity
We had an amazing day of fun, inspiration and memories! 

We look forward to sharing the visits to our other global locations throughout the year.

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