Friday, June 22, 2018

ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY Event for Central America Goes the Distance

ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY Event for Central America Goes the Distance

June 20, 2018

The ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY event for the Central American teams was held at the LATICRETE plant in Costa Rica. With both our Honduras and Panama teams joining in via video conference, we had over 100 team members!

LATICRETE Costa Rica team
LATICRETE Honduras team
LATICRETE Panama team

During the day, LATICRETE executives shared photographs about the history of the company, its evolution, as well as key messages of our values and the great global family that we are. 

“From the bottom of my heart, I am proud of what this "family" has achieved. A winning team of more than 90 people in 4 countries of Central America” - Luis Alfonso Fernández, Director General of Central America

“When we invite people to work as a team, we always look for everyone to have or try to participate in an equal way, but we know that we are different. What we all saw at our ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY event in Central America was that everyone was very focused on their teams to do their best: a mosaic of representation of our company with the number one. The success of this event makes us think that we are going to repeat it in the coming years.” - Rivaldo Tiscoski, Regional Director, Latin America & Caribbean

David Rothberg, CEO / Chairman of LATICRETE International (2nd generation LATICRETE) addressed the teams live via facetime. In his message he said, “As a family, we will support your efforts to reach your personal and professional goals.  It is what families do.”

At the end of the presentations, the Panama and Honduras teams had a great team breakfast.  In Costa Rica the team worked on a mosaic project in which several teams created the LATICRETE logo and the word ‘1’ out of mosaics to reinforce that we are a family, a team and a heart that always looks for results. 

LATICRETE Costa Rica mosaic making activity
Completed mosaic projects

Employees had great things to say about the event:

“The ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY activity in Costa Rica was excellent! We learned about the history and trajectory of the company worldwide and the motivational talks of our leaders makes us feel proud to be part of the LATICRETE family. The event united us as a team and shows us that together we can achieve great things. I’m very proud to be a part of the event, the effort and work that we all do and of course belonging to the LATICRETE family." - Hernando Herrera González, Assistant of Research and Development Laboratory

“ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY helped me improve my contact networks with all LATICRETE business units, and reaffirm that I am in a global company that seeks to grow their employees personally and professionally. I hope to participate in more activities of this kind. It’s great to understand where we are going as a company. Thanks LATICRETE Costa Rica!” - Vivian Morales, Costa Rica Sales Advisor

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