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LATICRETE Concrete Floor Coatings Help Make Dramatic Improvements to the Ascension Anglican School in Trinidad

LATICRETE Concrete Floor Coatings Help Make Dramatic Improvements to the Ascension Anglican School in Trinidad

June 2018

Many schools in Trinidad and Tobago suffer from lack of resources and are trying to execute their missions in less than desirable conditions. Project Care TT, a nonprofit organization in the region, founded in 2010 was founded to execute large scale design/construction projects at schools in need. They’re a coalition of volunteer construction workers, suppliers, clients and friends that have a heartfelt commitment to making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in our society, with a focus on the YOUTH.

The project for 2018 was to make dramatic improvements to the Ascension Anglican School. This primary school lacked a cafeteria, any shaded area to assemble outside, and the upper level was an open area using blackboards as classroom dividers.

Ascension Anglican School in Trinidad

Over 1,000 volunteers in addition to 230 sponsors provided the materials, equipment and labor to:
Paint and create beautiful murals on the exterior of the school
Build a large awning off the side of the building for an assembly area 
Build a cafeteria (with a playful, Caribbean themed SPARTACOTE™ concrete floor coating)
Install many play areas
Add air conditioning in the entire school 
Install new windows in the upper classrooms
Build 5 new classrooms on the upper level  

Thanks to Ryan Ali, the SPARTACOTE applicator on this project who got us involved. We were happy to donate LATICRETE products for their floor coating systems to help give this school a fun and durable polyaspartic floor in their cafeteria. We’re committed to being a sponsor for these projects for years to come!

Applying the SPARTACOTE CHIP system (chips) to the concrete floor in the cafeteria

Top coating the floor with SPARTACOTE™ FLEX PURE™ polyurea sealer/finish

Ryan Ali of Sanitation Solutions and Atiba Logan of Badello Contracting finishing the SPARTACOTE resinous flooring system

The products used on this project were: 
SPARTACOTE™ FLEX SB™ Clear for the primer and body coats. 
The polyaspartic coating system used was the SPARATACOTE® CHIP™ system. The chips were ¼” decorative vinyl flakes from Torginol in red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple. 
The top coat was SPARTACOTE™ FLEX PURE™ polyuria sealer/finish with traction additive.

Learn more about our resinous flooring system

Thanks to our customers, Ryan Ali, Managing Director of Sanitation Solutions, Trinidad and his crew for donating their time and materials and Atibal Logan from Badello Contracting helping with the installation. Special thanks to Wayne Hoerning, LATICRETE International Regional Manager for the Caribbean who also provided his expertise, time and help on the project! 

Organizers of the Project Care TT project after a long day of work.
Left to Right: Matthew Devaux, Marc Grosberg, Ryan Perkins, Joanna Rostant, Natasha Kelshall-Pantin, Anthony James and Nicholas Chandler

Monday morning, the reveal at the Ascension Anglican School

Outdoor cafeteria with SPARTACOTE polyaspartic floor coating system

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