Thursday, January 11, 2018


As we shared earlier this week, throughout the year David and Henry Rothberg, 2nd generation LATICRETE will be visiting with the employees of each of our global business units to talk about the history, success, culture and future growth plans of the company.       

This week David headed to Singapore for the second stop in the new global initiative ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM with over 50 LATICRETE South East Asia (LSEA) and Malaysia team members. He was honored to be back in one of LATICRETE’s oldest overseas locations (Singapore) and also glad to join the newest LATICRETE business team, Malaysia for this event.

David Rothberg spoke of the importance of writing down your goals on a piece of paper and giving it to someone who will hold you accountable. If not it will just only be a dream. He reinforced that each employee is an integral component of the growth of LATICRETE and that with One Team, One Family and Together we will be successful.

David Rothberg, Chaiman/CEO of LATICRETE

Mr. Raymond See, Managing Director, LATICRETE South East Asia Pte Ltd discussed the importance of teamwork and reinforced David's advice to dream big - 2018 is a new year with a new set of goals. Together, we can accomplish our objective. "One Dream, together as a Team."

Raymond See, Managing Director, LATICRETE South East Asia Pte Ltd

Five groups to learn how to play the ukulele as part of a team building activity. They learned how to play 5 songs as well as the ‘One LATICRETE One Team song that was previously written by LATICRETE South East Asia team.

During the exercise they were taught the importance of communication, teamwork and forward planning.

Each team then performed the songs they had learned. The winning team was selected by the TravelClef (traveling music school).

The winning team

At the end of the day the entire team got together to perform the LATICRETE song!

We look forward to sharing the visits to our other global locations throughout the year!

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