Thursday, April 30, 2015

Changes to the 2015 TCNA Handbook

The TCNA just released their 2015 Handbook. The Handbook has increased in length from 336 pages to 445 pages. This is mainly due to the reformatting of the details / methods making it much easier to read.  

The major changes to the 2015 TCNA Handbook are as follows:

Two new methods (B421C and B422C)
Method B421C utilizes the traditional two stage clamping ring style drain type with a recessed slab to create a curb-less shower 
Method B422C utilizes a bonding flange type drain with a recessed slab to create a curb-less shower
We will create / issue our LATICRETE AG version details / specifications for these methods as well. 
We have many other curb-less shower pan installation options. Our Product Development and Marketing teams are currently working on a brochure that will highlight these methods. 

Six new methods (RH111 STONE, RH111A STONE, RH112 STONE, RH112A STONE, RH116 STONE and RH116A STONE)
These methods include stone floor finishes installed over concrete slabs with either electric floor warming or radiant liquid in pipe type systems
Our versions of these details / methods are already in place

3. LARGE AND HEAVY TILE MORTAR (the mortar formerly known as 'Medium Bed Mortar'):
New category name is "Large and Heavy Tile Mortar" (LHT)
The "setting materials guide" for this section on page 16 is now entitled "Dry Set Mortar for Large and Heavy Tile (LHT Mortar), formerly Medium Bed Mortar". 
Some highlights of this section – the LHT designation is a mortar characteristic that will be included in the respective ANSI A118.1, ANSI A118.4, ANSI A118.11, ANSI A118.15 sections and designated by "H". It is intended to be used for large and heavy tiles / stones weighing 5 lbs. per sf [24.5 kg/m2] or heavier and / or of ungauged thickness and / or having an edge at least 15" [375mm] long. The bond coat thickness is between 3/32" and 1/2" [2.5mm to 12mm].
LHT mortars are intended to be installed per ANSI A108.5 methodology. The category 'Large and Heavy Tile' is a material classification and not an installation method.
The respective ANSI material standards (ANSI A118.XX series) mentioned above will be ready and include the H designation in the 2015 ANSI Handbook Release later in the year. 

4. ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURE CLASSIFICATION (formerly known as Environmental Classifications):
Revised section appearing on pages 42-45
Res7 and Com7 are new classifications for submerged environments
The existing pool / tub methods – P601MB, P601TB, P602 and B417 will now have these environmental exposure classifications

Maximum allowable deflection changed to L/720 from L/360
LATICRETE still maintains L/480 as our deflection criteria for all stone finishes for floors and interior walls

6. TCNA METHOD F125 – Crack Isolation Methods [Partial and Full]:
Method appears on pages 94 & 95
Revised section makes a clearer distinction between the two methods. If a specifier makes no specific distinction in the project specification - partial coverage is then implied. 

Tile the Natural Choice – new section on Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for tile and updated green building compliance sections. This section demonstrates the reasons why North American made ceramic tile is one of the best choices for finishes. The EPD for North American produced ceramic tile now proves that it has a much lower carbon footprint when compared to all other flooring finish categories. 
The current LEED rating system does not require product EPD's. LATICRETE will start the process to develop EPD's for select cement based products later this year – stay tuned for updates on this matter in the coming months.
EPD's will be an option in LEED Version 4 when it will be the mandatory standard for LEED projects after October 31, 2016.   

There are many other 'minor' changes throughout the manual. If you have any questions on how any of the changes affect our Laticrete products / positioning / methodology please let us know. 

Arthur Mintie CSI, CDT
Technical Services Director

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