Friday, August 30, 2013

US Veterans Kitchen

I received this message:

Recently, we had the privilege of being asked to participate in the renovation of the United States Veterans Initiative U.S. Vets facility kitchen in downtown Houston. This is a kitchen that provides food for veterans that have been injured physically or mentally in war. It also provides food and shelter to some previously homeless veterans. Sigma along with Laticrete and Emser Tile donated all of the material and labor for all the ceramic tile work in this kitchen. Gensler and Harvey builders headed up the design and construction and turned this kitchen that was in a deplorable condition into a functional and clean kitchen that rivals kitchens that you see in the finest restaurants. Ares and Chris handled the job for us in an admirable manner while Joe, Curtis, Ramiro and Jonathan each did a tour of duty in the field.

This past Tuesday, we attended the grand opening ceremony where they served up an inaugural lunch that was exquisite. The Rolling Thunder organization which looks out for veterans interest and was a partner in this project, had placed a wall display that had the names and pictures of all the Texas Heroes that had lost their lives in the Afghanistan War. While looking at this wall I couldn't help but notice this display of a letter that one of these Heroes had sent his newly born girl. I took a picture of it (attached). It is not a very good picture but if you open it on large monitor you will be able to read the letter. While it is heartbreaking, it exemplifies the exceptional personal sacrifice that these heroes and all those who serve in the armed forces make day in and day out in protecting our freedom.

So the next time you see a veteran, thank him. And if you are having a bad day, remember Lieutenant Weaver's story and his letter to his little girl Kylie.


Simon Kanaan
5930 Centralcrest St.
Houston, Texas 77092
Tel: (713) 290-8530

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Read more about the United States Veterans Initiative / U.S. Vets organization - click here.

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