Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Freeze, Thaw, Gale Force Winds, Driving Rains and Blazing Hot Sun are No Match for this Tile Mural Project

This is a guest post by Bill Vincent, Owner, Creative Ceramic & Marble

Mural installed on exterior wall, Casco Bay, South Portland, Maine

I was hired to install a unique, one-of-a-kind mural on the exterior wall of Casco Bay home in South Portland, Maine.  The exterior wall was a blank canvas. 

1. First the opening was made and waterproofed with Grace Ice and Water Shield®. Then USG DUROCK® was installed, and waterproofed, including the edges with 9235 Waterproofing Membrane by LATICRETE.

2. Then the tile pieces were installed one at a time with 254 Platinum polymer fortified thin-set mortar. Note that each piece was double notched-- thinset was notch troweled onto the surface, and notch troweled onto the back of the tile to try and create a suction between the two, almost like setting a ceiling with normal thinset.

3. Some of these pieces being installed where as much as 6 inches thick and STILL hung! 

4. The final step was to grout with PERMACOLOR® Select high performance cement grout. I chose the Twilight Blue color kit which was the perfect color match for this project. The PERMACOLOR Select base was easy to mix with the color kit and it required no sealing! 

If I wasn't already convinced about the superiority of LATICRETE® products, this project would have been all it took. This next picture shows you the wall where the mural went, prior to the start of the project, as well as showing you how completely open to the bay, and the elements it is. 

This was installed a year ago, went thru all the seasons, freeze / thaw, gale force winds, driving rains coming in from the ocean, blazing hot sun, and no problems what-so-ever.

Thanks to LATICRETE Matt Bunzell, Technical Sales Representative and Art Mintie, Senior Director of Technical Services for helping me put together a winning system for this installation!

Bill Vincent, Owner of Creative Ceramic & Marble from Bridgton, ME is a custom ceramic and stone installation company. Bill has been in setting tile as a trade since 1980 but developed his interest in tile and stone work at the early age of 10 while helping his father build his family’s home. His work takes him all over New England from small shops and restaurants to malls, corporate office buildings and multi-million dollar mansions.
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