Thursday, April 11, 2013

An Email Conversation

Mr. Rothberg,
Thank you for the email. Yes, my questions have been answered. Steve was very prompt at contacting me and clarifying the information. John Whipple also contacted me as well through the email you forwarded to him. John has graciously offered his help on my bathroom project. He has been a wonderful resource. I would like to thank you personally for that. It is much appreciated. Between Steve and John, I have no doubts this will be successful. 
I have had the pleasure of communicating with Sean, Jay, Steve (and Danielle) from your company. They all have gone above and beyond in their willingness to reach out to me and offer help and answer questions in any way they can. I'm excited waiting for the products to arrive. Thank you so much. I am still in awe that your company is doing this for me family.
With deepest gratitude,

On Apr 3, 2013, at 7:38 PM, "Henry B. Rothberg"
Have your questions been answered ?
Henry Rothberg

From: jenna 
Date: Saturday, March 23, 2013 6:18 PM
To: Henry Rothberg
Subject: HydroBan shower system
Hello. John Whipple linked your email to a post I had on the Terry Love forum, to ask you a question about using Laticrete products. Since then, your company (Danielle and Sean Boyle) read one of my posts on another website and has contacted me regarding my bathroom renovation. My husband is currently deployed overseas, and as a thank you to him and my family, your company is very graciously supplying my bathroom products. I am overwhelmed by this generosity and extremely  thankful for everything. While doing my research before even purchasing anything I realized that I wanted to use Laticrete from all of the positive reviews and comments I had read about. I have done hours upon hours of research and reading online to make sure this is done correctly and to code. I am doing all of the installation with the help of my brother. I had a couple of technical questions about proper installation of the products I plan on using. 
My subfloor is only 1/2 inch plywood. I understand that I need at least 3/4 inch subfloor for the pre-sloped pan. I would like to add additional floor on top of what is currently there. Do I just add 1/4 to make it 3/4 inch, or 1/2 inch to make it stronger? I want what would be best, but don't want to over-do it either. Do you recommend wood or concrete board under the pan? Data sheet says both are acceptable. 
Next question is about the vapor barrier. I am going to install cultured granite panel walls for the bottom 72 inches, then apply a 6 inch strip of accent mosaic glass tile, and then apply more cultured granite that go to the ceiling. The cultured walls are considered waterproof, so waterproofing the concrete substrate is not required. (I am going to apply HydroBan up about 5-6 inches on the concrete board adhered to the shower pan). In Ohio I was told that a vapor barrier is required. Since the HB Shower pan is a sealed system, where does the bottom of the vapor barrier go? I have considered putting HB on the walls also just to avoid the vapor barrier issue, and to also reinforce the waterproofing. They walls are adhered to the concrete board using 100% Silicone. I am going to use Latasil for this. Will the Latasil adhere to the HB? Suggestions or recommendations? Data sheet says to use ceramic tile for shower floor. I have 1 inch square porcelain tile that's only 1/8 inch thick picked out. (It is rated for wall and floor instillation.) Will that work on the shower floor, or should  pick out some 2x2? I wasn't sure if the drain sits low enough for the tile I have chosen.
Thanks so much for any help you are able to provide,

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